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BUSINESS OWNERS - Post-Construction Runoff Control
Control of runoff from new and re-development projects, of significant size, post-construction. Although post-construction control has been addressed in the past, Phase II regulations modify traditional runoff control by integrating quantity and quality stormwater treatment practices.

Businesses can consider utilizing Low-Impact Development (LID) or other modern practices to manage runoff. Existing businesses can “retro-fit” by installing Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels to help reduce runoff from their lot. Check out the links and resources below to find out more.

CWP Rain Barrels & Rain Gardens (pdf)
NEMO New Community Tools (pdf)
NEMO Protecting Your Town (pdf)
NEMO Watershed Fragmentation (pdf)
P-G Co. MD LID Hydrology (pdf)
NEMO Development Impacts on Water (pdf)
NEMO Conservation Subdivisions (pdf)
Contact the CCE Saratoga County Stormwater Management Coordinator for more information & how you can help protect our water.
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