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  1. When it Rains - Stormwater Hydrology; 02-22-2017 ~ 7.0 NYS PIE PDHs --
    Predicting the volume and rate of runoff from rain events is an essential skill for stormwater engineers. This class will examine in detail all of the factors that influence runoff: precipitation, soils, ground cover, drainage area and time of concentration. Using TR-55 technology, and the latest soil and precipitation data, participants will compute runoff for various pre- and post-development conditions by hand, and then by using a computer model. Determining detention storage volumes and modeling of reservoirs and outlet structures will also be addressed.

  2. Maintenance and the MS4 Permit; 03-22-2017 ~ 7.0 PDH --
    With 13 years and counting of the Phase II Program and thousands of Stormwater Management Post-Construction Control Practices built, SMP Inventory and Operations & Maintenance requirements are a growing area of MS4 Stormwater Management Permitting, Programming and Planning. Recently, DEC released a much needed draft Maintenance Chapter for the Stormwater Management Design Manual that will affect MS4s and their Stormwater Management Programs, as well as SMP Designers. Additionally, the also-recently-released Draft MS4 Permit has placed a premium on the importance and prioritization of the SMP Inventory and O&M MS4 programs to address known and/or potential water quality impacts. Specifically, regarding these two documents:
    1. The draft Maintenance Chapter for the Stormwater Management Design Manual has been published for comment.
    2. The DRAFT MS4 General Permit is being revised for a new five year term beginning in 2017. This class will review these new documents in detail and provide guidance for professional consultants and municipal officials involved in MS4 programs. During the review of the maintenance chapter, specific inspection, assessment, trouble-shooting, and remediation measures will be identified for each category of stormwater management practice. Maintenance costs and agreements will also be discussed. We'll discuss compliance strategies including establishing priorities in your minimum control measures, developing a pollutant-specific SWMP Plan and addressing impaired waters.
    While the MS4 permit modifications are still a work in progress, DEC personnel will also be on-hand to share a status report on the modifications under consideration, as well as a summary of the public comments received on the draft document, and the impact that EPA’s Remand Rule may have on the MS4 permit. There will be time for questions, clarifications, and comments.

  3. All in a ROW - Stormwater Design for Linear Projects; 04-20-2017; ~ 7.0 NYS PIE PDHs --
    Linear projects, such as highways and utilities, present unique challenges for managing stormwater due to their length and space restrictions for installing BMPs. This class, co-taught with Ellen Hahn Kubek of NYSDOT will review the stormwater management techniques and practices that are most suitable for application in these conditions. Class exercises will include preparation of E&SC plans, hydrology analysis, and the design of post construction practices on various linear type projects, including street-scaping retrofits. Applicability of the construction general permit requirements for linear projects will also be reviewed.

  4. Constructed Wetlands for Stormwater Management; 05-24-2017; ~ 7.0 NYS PIE PDHs --
    There are unique challenges and opportunities for providing GI stormwater management on redevelopment and retrofitting projects. This class will review the permit requirements, and the available practices for Stormwater management on previously developed site, emphasizing specific design elements for water quality and quantity management and runoff reduction. <

  5. The New Blue II - Stormwater E&SC and the New Design Manual; 06-22-2017; ~ 7.0 NYS PIE PDHs --
    Back by popular demand, Don Lake returns to share in more detail the familiar and new E&SC practices for Runoff Management, Soil Stabilization, and Sediment Control that are defined in the 2016 edition of the Blue Book that he has authored. Class exercises will include site assessment and planning for various types of development sites, as well as the development of E&SC plans and construction sequences. A virtual site construction inspection will also be a part of the class, as will design examples for some of the more complex practices.


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