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CONTRACTORS and DEVELOPERS- Illicit Discharge & Elimination
The detection and elimination of pollutants being discharged into the MS4. Primarily, any discharge into the MS4 other than stormwater runoff including direct connections of waste water and effluent from residential or industrial/commercial sources. Municipalities must map all outfalls into surface water bodies, outfalls into adjacent MS4s and all infiltration practices such as dry-wells. Additionally, Municipalities must adopt a local law prohibiting illegal connection to or illegal dumping into the MS4. Lastly, Municipalities must regularly monitor outfalls to maintain water quality. Examples of prohibited practices include wastewater/grey water or rooftop runoff conveyances connected to the MS4 and disposal of chemicals and other waste products into ditches, storm sewers, catch basins, etc.
Photos Source: NYS DEC
Contact the CCE Saratoga County Stormwater Management Coordinator for more information & how you can help protect our water.
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