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RESIDENTS- Construction Site Runoff Control
Create a regulatory control of construction activities at the local level for erosion and sediment control (E&SC). Municipalities must regulate the E&SC practices of all construction activities disturbing one or more acres of soil within their jurisdiction. Municipalities must assume this responsibility by issuing permits to construction site operators to control erosion and sediment transport, at the site, during construction. 

Although residents can’t regulate the construction industry you can help regulators by keeping an eye out for poor Erosion & Sediment Control at Construction Sites in your area. When you go out for a stream-side walk or to throw a line in or even just walking down the street...notice what’s going on around you and if you see a situation that could have a negative impact on water quality due to construction contact your local government or the CCE Saratoga County Stormwater Management Coordinator to alert them of a potential problem.

Contact the CCE Saratoga County Stormwater Management Coordinator for more information & how you can help protect our water.
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