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RESIDENTS- Post-Construction Runoff Control
Control of runoff from new and re-development projects, of significant size, post-construction. Although post-construction control has been addressed in the past, Phase II regulations modify traditional runoff control by integrating quantity and quality stormwater treatment practices.

Residents can and do have a say in what types of Stormwater Controls manage runoff where they live. Not just through local government, either. Residents are also consumers. New-home buyers should consider the design of their home and the development that surrounds it. Residents, as consumers, have the right to insist on better Stormwater Management Practices to be installed on their own home-site. You can also be a more discerning consumer by purchasing homes in developments that utilize Low-Impact Development (LID) or other modern practices to manage runoff. Owners of existing homes can “retro-fit” their residences by installing Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels to help reduce runoff from their lot. Check out the links and resources below to find out more.

CWP Rain Barrels & Rain Gardens (pdf)
NEMO New Community Tools (pdf)
NEMO Protecting Your Town (pdf)
NEMO Watershed Fragmentation (pdf)
P-G Co. MD LID Hydrology (pdf)
NEMO Development Impacts on Water (pdf)
NEMO Conservation Subdivisions (pdf)
A Guide to Creating Vegetated Buffers for Lakefront Properties (pdf)
Contact the CCE Saratoga County Stormwater Management Coordinator for more information & how you can help protect our water.
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